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Why a Slow Cooker is Better than Fast Food

greasy hamburger


Many people would consider this lump of unappetizing crap to be a well rounded meal, as well as other artery thickening “delicacies” like re-heated pizza, foul chips and triple fried chicken.



And what’s more, they will pay good money for it, mostly on the basis that is quick and matches their fast paced lifestyle.

As a mature age codger who still has good health but who sometimes over-indulges, I am not about to preach the merits of healthy eating and all that goes with it. There are enough do-gooders out there doing just that.

My idea is targeted at your hip pocket, assuming that’s where you wallet or purse sits, and it doesn’t matter if you are a family, couple of any age, single or cooking for the football team.

Fast fat food is expensive – I would conservatively estimate ten bucks per head per meal, probably more. And I am ashamed to know characters who will drive out of their way to get a fix of their favourite takeaway.

slow cooker meal

If I mention slow cooker (or crock pot as it is sometimes known) I expect there are many who will howl with laughter and say I sound like their grandfather.

But listen to this.



A slow cooker can be loaded up in the morning with a bunch of cheap ingredients (healthy ones too I might add, but that is irrelevant), left on all day and when you return home a stunning aroma will greet you as you come in the door. You will actually think you have gone to your grandparent’s for dinner.

A lot of people think a slow cooker is only good for soup and tough cuts of meat, but you can do fish dishes, curries of all persuasions, pork and chicken extravaganzas, vegetables, even desserts and heaps more. And most times the ingredients which produce five servings will cost no more than a single fast food meal.

The economics of the slow cooker make great sense:

slow cooker crockpot



Get a slow cooker (crock pot) for less than $50


slow cooker book





Get a slow cooker recipe book for less than $10


And tastily eat your way to wealth (and probably good health too).