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Gordon King and the Goldfoot Trilogy

In 1929, Gordon King was born in Gympie, a small gold mining town in the state of Queensland, Australia. He was the youngest child in a family with four sisters.

His formative years were spent in Gympie, and in his early twenties he married a local girl. Being an intelligent man, he aspired to better himself and built successful careers in the armed forces, industry and later in universities.

He was a modest family man, and lived a life to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour.

Upon retirement from his paid career, he undertook full time unpaid work for his church. When aged in his seventies, he decided he would like to write a trilogy of novels based on a farming family in the area of his youth, Gympie.

He had had the idea for these stories for many years, and once written, decided to have them published for others to enjoy, with all proceeds from sales going to cancer research in memory of his wife.

The three books are shown below, with links to get them in Amazon’s Kindle store. You don’t need a Kindle to read them – any computer or mobile device with a reader will work.

You may be wondering how I know of Gordon King? Well, he is my much loved father and, biased I may be, one of the most admirable men you could meet.