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I’m Peter, the silver hair behind The Silver Bulletin although the photo of me here was taken in a good light (accidentally) which has minimised the extent of the natural deterioration of my original brown hair.

So be it – at least I still have a full mop I suppose.

My background is centred on computing technology – fresh out of University I worked as a programmer in the days when punched cards were still the norm. Happily I have kept abreast of developments and can now knock out a decent website or two, and use Facebook when I feel I should.

This website is a place for just writing about stuff that appeals to me in some way, falling into some broad themes, and without regard to who (if any) might read it.

In the happy event that somebody reads and likes, and perhaps even follows a link to something for which I may earn a tiny commission, I shall go to my grave with a smile on my face.

Mind you, I will probably do that anyway.

Happy reading.

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