The Complete Guide to Website Investing

For those with more than a passing interest in the Internet, the thought of making money online regularly crosses the mind but the “how” remains a mystery to most. Website investing could be the answer to this problem and I will attempt to explain why, and how.

To start at the beginning (bear with me here) most people who use the Internet have at some stage bought something online – product, service or information. Naturally every such purchase has meant (at least) one person receiving money.

I say at least one person because even if you buy from a big online company like Amazon, chances are you arrived at Amazon via a review or recommendation from a third party. Often that third party is registered with Amazon and gets a commission based on your purchase. This is one of the most common sales models on the Internet and is known as affiliate marketing.

My mention of affiliate marketing is to let you know there are many ways to make money from owning a website. However the knowledge and time involved to get a website to the stage of earning income is beyond most people, and even when would-be online business people have a go at it, they fail. In fact, it is estimated around 98% of online businesses fail – much more than the conventional bricks and mortar variety.

So, if it is almost prohibitively difficult to get a website up, running and making money, is there an alternative?

Well yes there is – website investing.

Website investing is now a mature strategy for building a full or part-time passive income via the acquisition of an existing online business.

A website purchase can range in value from hundreds to literally billions of dollars, and to be successful at any level you need to understand how best to identify, value and then actually buy the web business.

Beyond that, your level of involvement in the business can vary depending on the state of the website you have purchased, your personal situation and online knowledge, but the opportunities are boundless.

It goes without saying (almost) that to go through the process of acquiring a website requires getting the right information and advice to help avoid the pitfalls and ensure a wise decision is made up front.

the website investor book


Jeff Hunt is a renowned expert on website investing – he has purchased more than 300 income producing websites, he consults with large corporations and has written the definitive book on website investing, The Website Investor.


More importantly, Jeff has just released his outstanding Website Investors training course, called Own the Web.

This course covers everything you need to consider when looking for a website to purchase, irrespective of your budget and level of Internet knowledge. For a modest investment, Jeff gives you the benefit of his years of experience successfully purchasing websites which generate his full time income.

I bought the course some time back and have been through it a number of times – it really is of the highest quality and professionalism. To give you a feel for what is included, I have prepared a short video inside look at Own the Web below.

By the way, Own the Web is just one component of Jeff’s Website Investors program which also includes access to consulting and focus groups.

So if you are remotely interested in online investment opportunities and/or don’t know where to start, check out Website Investors right now or watch the video first.

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