Is ShoeMoney Network Paid To Learn Genuine?

A while back I traveled half way round the world to Las Vegas to attend an Internet marketing conference – quite an investment for me but I wanted to get my online career moving.

The undoubted highlight of the event was the keynote address given by Mr. Jeremy Schoemaker.

For the uninitiated, in the sphere of online marketing Jeremy is reaching legend status (some would say he is already there, including Jeremy!) . From a humble start as a misfit young nerd he has made millions on the Internet and is continually helping others to do so as well.

So why does he help others?

From my viewpoint, he seems a totally grounded guy – approachable, good sense of humor, family man – who has it all and is happy to share it round. Genuinely nice and any similarity below is purely coincidental.

the shoemoney network


Anyway, enough plaudits for J. Schoemaker.

Being on his email list I recently received news of Jeremy’s “passion project” – an attempt to get newbie Internet marketers beyond the first hurdles to making money online. He offered to pay $1 for milestones met as people moved through his new ShoeMoney Network training program.

Well, I just had to give it a go and I can report it is fair dinkum (Aussie for genuine, the real McCoy), as you can see from the screenshot from my PayPal account.

paypal deposits from shoemoney network

You may think just a few dollars is nonsense, but there are countless people trying vainly to make money online who don’t make a single dollar – ever.

Plus from my perspective, the odd dollar here and there as you learn is secondary to the training itself.

Each Task (within a Belt Level – see screenshot) has a short video by Jeremy with a specific task to be completed. When the task is done and checked by Jeremy’s validation system, you get your dollar and move on to the next task.

shoemonet network dashboard

The whole ShoeMoney Network is geared towards getting participants online quickly, and in a position to earn real money (beyond Jeremy’s training incentives).

I should mention here that Schoemaker is an outstanding teacher. He uses clear simple language on the videos, and shows exactly what is to be done (and why). Follow his steps and you cannot go wrong.

There is a lot of training out there designed to teach people how to make money online. Some is free and some very expensive, and often the free content is superior.

However this is the first Internet marketing program I have encountered which is built on a premise of being paid to learn how to be paid online.

As someone once said, do yourself a favor and give the ShoeMoney Network a try – you can do nothing but gain. Click here to register.


It seems the Shoemoney Network project has run its course, which is a pity for those of you who have read the above and got seriously interested.

However, all is not lost …

It appears Mr Shoemaker has formalised, updated and improved the training resources from The Shoemoney Network, and moved it to a new site called Blog Ninja.

While the new site does not offer the financial incentives of the original project, the resources are still of high quality for anyone wanting to build their first website/blog.

So, give Blog Ninja a go – it may be the start of something big.




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